Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm



ANGSANAcare provides services and advocates for children with life limiting or life-threatening diseases. The core mission is to help these children to have the right to a quality of life from diagnosis to their eventual passing.

ANGSANAcare is a non-discriminating Society and supports both the children and their families without discrimination of race or religion. This Society is not affiliated to any political party or religious group and depends completely on donations, sponsorship and fund-raising events. Services are conducted within the Pediatric Institute of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

  • 2015 Charity Movie Screening of James Bond Spectre. Total amount raised was RM 70K.
  • 2016 Charity Movie Screening of Dr Strange. Total amount raised was RM85K
  • 2017 Charity Movie Screening of Justice League. Total amount raised was 90K
  • 2018 Charity Art Exhibition: Beyond the Canvas by Mr Kumar Nagalingam
  • Connect them with IACT students for their projects on Writing Articles
  • Production of all their promotional videos and marketing materials