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Challenges Foundation

Challenges Foundation

Challenges Foundation is a non-profit, non-government Organisation focused on promoting disability advocacy and developing inclusive communities. The vision is to build a more caring future generation by supporting youth-focused projects that prepare youth to understand and engage with disability issues. The mission is to create a future generation who values empathy as a core value of human life.

Our Vision:

Educate. Advocate. Empower.

  • Limitless Mobility with GRABCar 2016
  • Buddy Day Run & Walk for Friendship 2016. Total amount raised RM18,449
  • 2017 Charity Movie Screening of Transformers: The Last Knight. Total amount raised RM14,200
  • 2018 Charity Movie Screening of Fall Out: Mission Impossible. Total amount raised RM10,200
  • creation of all their promotional materials and artwork whenever necessary