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Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia

Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia

Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia is operated by DID MY Academy Sdn Bhd and licensed by Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH since September 2012.

DID MY Academy Sdn Bhd engages and equips children, youths and adults with all forms of Disabilities and Medical Challenges with all the relevant skills needed to be empowered for attaining self- sufficiency in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of equal education and economic opportunities to achieve zero-poverty in Malaysia and beyond.

These primary target beneficiaries are further equipped with various skills in communications, linguistics and PR before moving them to other job and enterprise skills training schools within this academy. These schools include:

  • School of Aromatherapy
  • School of Urban Farming
  • School of Tele-Marketing
  • School of Virtual Tuition
  • School of Arts and Music
  • School of Coffee Barista
  • School of Cooking and Baking
  • School of Digital Commerce

At DID MY Academy, we believe that learning begins with dialogues that starts with acceptance.

  • 2019 Art Includes: Celebrating Diversities Workshop
  • Supported their fundraising efforts
  • Provide student volunteers for their events