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Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Founded by Mr Raja Singham, fully funded by Brickfields Asia College and supported by the Ministry of Education, is a not-for-profit holistic learning platform targeting Malaysian students taking public exams (SPM, PT3 and UPSR). drives three key initiatives that leverage ICT including specialised online learning sites, on-ground student engagement (intensive revision via Seminars and Webinars) and teacher engagement and training (especially in blended learning and the use of technology in education).

Currently, the SPM site is equipped with free e-Books (for Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Sejarah), practical exercises as well as seminars and webinars for all core SPM subjects. will gradually roll out additional site updates for PT3 and UPSR subjects in addition to releasing content in Mandarin and Tamil. To start learning anytime, anywhere, log on to Freeschool

  • 2015 The Allan Perera Giggle Charity Show
  • The official launch of by the Ministry of Education 2017
  • Blended Learning (collaborate with the Khan Academy)