Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Helping Hands Penan

Helping Hands Penan

Helping Hands Penan’s mission is to empower the Penan women to help themselves and their family. They are here to support the Penan in their new ways to settle, but primarily to support the Penan kids to get education by creating an environment that encourages them to start and continue their education.

They will buy and sell the craft made by the Penan womenfolk using their traditional weaving skills to make bags, baskets, and mats.

The funds raised are channeled back to the Penan community in Ulu Limbang and Ulu Baram in the various projects. The focus is on educating the Penan children from pre-school to University level (Master) with the aim that one day ‘Every Penan Child Can Go to School’.

  • MIRM assist to connect them to Giving Bank
  • Assisted in designing collaterals & introducing volunteers for their booth selling events
  • Provided them with business opportunities