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Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit

The Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA) which is led by the Ministry of National Unity is a special unit addressing the aspect of socio-economic development of Indian community in Malaysia specifically the B40 group.

The genesis of MITRA began in 2008 when the government implemented a few policies through the Cabinet Committee on Indian Participation in Government Program and Projects (CCIC) to increase the participation of Indians. In 2014, four units were established to address the key issues that concern Malaysian Indians, namely the Special Implementation Task Force (SITF), Action Plan for the Future of Tamil Schools (PTST), Special Secretariat for Empowerment of Indian Entrepreneurs (SEED) and the Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community (SEDIC).

In 2017, the government launched the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB), documenting the challenges that are plaguing the Indian community. It was then decided that the four units be consolidated and merged under a single unit called SEDIC.

Among the major task of MITRA is to identify current issues and challenges affecting the Indian community, implementing socio-economic development initiative and coordinating cooperation between the Government and the private sector towards the development of Indian community in general.

  • 2019/2020 MITRA B40 Integrated Modem Empowerment Project