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Malaysian Rare Disorders Society

Malaysian Rare Disorders Society

Malaysian Rare Disorders Society (MRDS) was formed in 2004, with the help and guidance of the Genetic Unit, Department of Paediatrics, University Malaya Medical Centre.

MRDS is a voluntary organisation set-up to represent and look out for the welfare of individuals including their families that are affected by rare disorders.


  • To support and provide practical aid to individuals and families affected with rare disorders
  • To increase awareness on rare disorders through providing information on rare disorders and educate individuals, families, medical professionals, schools, organisations and to the general public.
  • To establish a network between individuals and families with rare disorders with relevant organisations, professionals, education and intervention centers.
  • To collaborate with organisations that has the potential to affirm, prevent, improve treatment and increase the quality of life of individuals affected with rare disorders
  • 2018 #1 Youth Advocates Lab