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15th April 2018- Women of Will: Entrepreneurship Development Training

Women of Will: Entrepreneurship Development Training

Women of Will (WOW) held a Women of Will Entrepreneurship Development (WOWED) Training on the 15th of April 2018 to train WOW’s selected women beneficiaries prior to loan disbursement by the organisation. The training was held from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Liverpool room, Brickfields Asia College, PJ Campus.
There were altogether 45 attendees made up of 38 WOW women beneficiaries, 2 internal trainers, and 5 WOW staff.

These women beneficiaries were coached and guided on successful ways to run and manage their small businesses including financial management, marketing, and communications. Additionally, each beneficiary is assigned to a business coach and mentor for a duration of 6 -12 months to guide them and ensure that they have the support needed to develop a sustainable business, as well as help them lead balanced and wholesome lives. The trainers took turns to provide an insight on the topics of the day and responded to queries from the participants to ensure a proper understanding of the concepts.

The venue was sponsored by the Make It Right Movement.

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