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Al-Hasan's Volunteer Network: Internal Meeting

Al-Hasan’s Volunteer Network (AHVN): Internal Meeting

Al-Hasan’s Volunteer Network (AHVN) managed to recruit 13 new faces to form a new committee team who will be in charge of taking over some of the vital projects of AHVN. These 13 new faces were closely selected by the former committee team of AHVN based on them being passionate about volunteerism and the need to give back to the society.
Their first official meeting took place on Saturday, 7 July 2018 at the Brickfields Asia College, KL Campus.
Hasan, Founder of AHVN, started the session with a background of AVHN followed by the roles of the new committee members ranging from fundraising activities, conducting talks and educational fairs to media management.
AVHN is a platform dedicated to provide volunteering opportunities through social and charitable projects. They also focus on serving the refugee and underprivileged communities.

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