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Al-Hasan Volunteer Network: The HOPE Camp

Al-Hasan Volunteer Network: The HOPE Camp

Al-Hasan Volunteer Network: The HOPE Camp

Al-Hasan Volunteer Network (AHVN) hosted a 2-day camp for 36 participants encompassing 25 youth refugees, 5 Facilitators and 6 AHVN Committee Members with the aim to improve the mental health and emotional well-being of the refugee youth who were going through depression especially during this trying period.

The camp was held from the 15th until the 16th of August 2020 at Brickfields Asia College’s KL Campus.

During the first day, there were a lined up of activities and workshops being conducted such as Stress Management workshop by the Make It Right Movement (MIRM), Art Therapy by Teacher Maedah, an Iranian who migrated to Malaysia, Power & Privilege presentation by Abdisalam and Abeera from Project Stand Up, an initiative of students from refugee backgrounds in Malaysia who are seeking to solve gender equality problems. This was followed by Teacher Cordelia Lee & Elena Tong’s composed song on how overcome mental and emotional challenges during their Sound Healing & Motivational Talk. The day ended with an exercise when Sydrah Mustaffa conducted a Hula Hoop Session.

The second day of camp was also filled with another round of exciting events such as Photography & Modeling Class by Mohd Amin, Qaisarah, Mariam and Adam. Subsequently, Sara, Eneza and Liea from Hunger Hurts Malaysia, a youth organisation which dedicates itself to ending urban poverty in all major cities in Malaysia gave a Craft Workshop where the participants can either decorate a picture frame or make a DIY bracelet. Then, there was a Mental Health Workshop by Nadiah from Opis, an impact driven enterprise committed to build a kinder society. Sidra Al-Talib, a Nutrition Columnist gave a talk on Nutrition & Healthy Food. Hunger Hurts Malaysia also sent Nabil and Firdaus to end the day by sharing the Importance of Music in Combatting Depression.

Besides providing assistance in booking the venue, the MIRM supported the initiative by conducting a sharing session on Stress Management during the first day.

AVHN is a platform dedicated to provide volunteering opportunities through social and charitable projects. They also focus on serving the refugee and underprivileged communities.

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