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CANSURVIVE's Monthly Talk- Eat to Control and Defeat Cancer

CANSURVIVE’s Monthly Talk- Eat to Control and Defeat Cancer

Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad organised an event named ‘Eat to Control and Defeat Cancer on 11th January 2020 at the PJ Campus of Brickfields Asia College. The Make It Right Movement arranged for a suitable venue and also provided technical support to further facilitate the event. There were 187 attendees, including members of public and Cansurvive members. The keynote speaker for the event was Dr Christine Gonzalez, a renowned naturalist with more than twenty years of research, practice and education in Natural, Integrative and Functional Medicine/Nutrition from USA. Besides running her clinics in Silicon Valley, California, Dr Christine also established the Wellness Institute back in Manila, Philippines in 2001. Over the years, Dr Christine’s work had lean more towards the treatment of chronic diseases especially cancer and auto-immune diseases. She dedicated a partial of her life towards cancer prevention and control by conducting health lectures at her disease prevention facility at Lourdes, France. During this session, Dr Christine shared with the participants some concrete results and research done  on the different compounds and bioactive in foods that will help prevent, defeat and control cancer. Cansurvive is a non-profit cancer charity organisation that aims to provide guidance and community support for cancer patients as well as their family and friends. It also strives to raise public awareness on the benefits of holistic, non-invasive cancer therapies, nutrition and diet, types of orthodox treatments, and access to such treatments.
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