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EC: Voting procedure for the Differently

Voting procedure for the Differently - Abled community

YB Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan who is known for her constant effort towards the Differently-Abled community had arranged for the Election Commission of Malaysia (EC) to present the holistic procedure of how the Differently -Abled can vote during the 14th General Election on Wednesday, 9th May 2018. This meaningful event took place on 29th April 2018 from 3.00pm till 6.00pm at Leicester room, Brickfields Asia College, PJ Campus. There were 40 attendees that was made up of 32 Differently-Abled individuals, 2 reporters from The Star and 6 from the EC team. In fact, 2 of MIRM team being Harrsha K Mahadaven and Rachel Siew who are Differently-Abled Card Holders were also present to provide support and had learnt about the right for all off-aged Malaysians to vote.
This 3 hour long event started with a briefing by Deputy Director of EC who shared the voting procedure. Followed by the simulation of the procedure especially for the visionary and physically challenged who could not climb up to their voting stations. Last but not least the Q & A sessions. All these was ‘signed’ so that the hearing-impaired community understood the voting procedure.
It was also recorded and could be seen at this link .

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