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Fulbright English Teaching Assistant: Global Leadership Camp

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant: Global Leadership Camp

Fulbright Malaysia and Make it Right Movement (MIRM) organised the International Leadership Camp, a four-day camp at the KL Campus of Brickfields Asia College 2.

Some of the key aims that the organisers have is to increase understanding of leadership roles and the ability to converse in English between 40 secondary students from Malaysia and Thailand.

The students were then divided into 8 groups. Each group were given a student project to address an issue within global topics of either Culture Sharing/Diversity, Environmentalism, Gender Issues, Global Health or Volunteerism.

In addition to the student project, there were also a scavenger hunt and brief lessons given on how to design presentations to further equip these students on their leadership skills.

Besides the venue, MIRM also provided a subsided accommodation for the participants for the duration of the camp. The accommodation was located within 5 minutes walking distance from the venue.

The event was conducted to improve the English language ability and leadership capacity of the 40 students involved. Participation in this camp will result in global thinkers and leaders whose international friendships will make them valuable assets to their schools and local communities.

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