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MIRM Holds Charity Dinner in Support of MLDA

Empire Hotel, Subang Jaya, May 15, 2016 – Brickfields Asia College (BAC) and its CSR initiative, the Make It Right Movement (MIRM), held a charity dinner to raise funds for the Malaysia Lysosomal Diseases Association (MLDA). The event, hosted by the Empire Hotel, was attended by more than 300 professionals representing some of the most established companies and agencies across the public and private sector.

At the event, Mr. Raja Singham, Managing Director of BAC and Founder of MIRM, pledged to donate RM50,000 annually for the next five years. In his speech, he called upon those in attendance to match his pledge and help facilitate MLDA’s fundraising activities. He also encouraged them to work with MIRM through various projects to support social good causes. According to Mr. Raja, MIRM was founded on the premise of “doing the right things instinctively and enthusiastically”, with a mission to identify, assist and fulfil the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in society. At the event, government representatives also made a multi-year pledge of more than RM10 million in support of MLDA.

The event was made even more meaningful with performances by children and young adults affected by Lysosomal Diseases. Far from being a simple charity dinner, it was an evening filled with inspiration, stories of courage and love, and displays of triumph over adversity.

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