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BAC produces 43 1st Class LLB graduates in 2017

It was another record breaking year for Brickfields Asia College (BAC) as 43 students from its UK Transfer (Law) Programme (UKTLaw) achieved First Class Honours Degrees from 10 of its partner universities. This is the highest number of 1st Class graduates ever from a single institution and brings the total number of 1st Class graduates over the past 6 years to 177.

The outstanding results are attributable to the high quality standards in the delivery of the programme at BAC. These high standards are maintained and scrutinized by the consortium of partner universities and the external examiner for the course, Prof. Martin Dixon of Queens College, Cambridge University.

Mr. Raja Singham, Managing Director of BAC could not hide his pride and excitement when he stated how happy he was with the achievements of his students. “These amazing results are the culmination of the hard work and dedication of the students and the members of the faculty who worked tirelessly preparing them whilst they were here at BAC. To see these students achieve such outstanding results certainly reminds me why we do what we do.”

Take the first step towards achieving your dreams of academic excellence by joining the UK Transfer (Law) Programme here at BAC. Registrations are currently in progress for the September 2017 intakes. Call us toll free at 1800 881 222 or visit today.

The BAC students who achieved 1st Class Degrees are:-

#          University of Liverpool

1          Ang Jia Hern

2          Carmen Lew Jia Min

3          Chin Chyu Ern

4          Francessca Ho Yuin Kwan

5          Kimmy Khoo Su Yin

6          Ong Hui Min

7          Ong Jing Yee

8          Phoebe Klaire Anak Biga

9          Reuben Raphael Joseph

10        Siti Nur Irene Binte Syed Harris

11        Soh Zhen Ning

12        Yew Yean Minn

#          Oxford Brookes University

1          Nathalie Annette Kee Xuan Li

#          University of Cardiff

1          Chong Jen Hui

2          Dickson Chia Chung Ming

3          Loo Hui En

4          Poon Wei Ying

5          Shermaljit Singh Amarjit Singh

#          University of Northumbria

1          Ng Si Hui

2          Sai Shangkra Sivanesan

#          University of Hertfordshire

1          Andrea Ong Shuet Li

2          Chong An Yee

3          Jaasmine Kaur Harchan Singh

4          Lee Shyin

5          Ren Tingyi

6          Taranjit S Sandhu Amarjit Singh

#          University of Hull

1          Hannah Melanie Devadason

2          Ling Jia Wen

#          University of Reading

1          Christin Wong Tsui Yuan

2          Wee Jia Yi

3          Tay Hsu Yuan

#          University of East Anglia

1          Louisa Ng Pey Yin

#          University of Manchester

1          Loh Pui Yan

#          Queens University Belfast

1          Audrey Siew Sze Yen

2          Chong Keh Yin

3          Elaine Chan Sher Suan

4          Lee Kyleen

5          Quah Wei Meng

6          Rachel Chong Jia Wei

7          Sya Kit Yin Valerie

8          Tan Keng Sang

9          Adelyn Liu Zhiying

10        Carissa How Chen Huey

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