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CANSURVIVE's Monthly Talk- The 8 Practical Remedies in Supporting Cancer Management

CANSURVIVE’s Monthly Talk- The 8 Practical Remedies in Supporting Cancer Management

Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad (CANSURVIVE) organised a talk on “The 8 Practical Remedies in
Supporting Cancer Management” at Brickfields Asia College’s PJ Campus on 12 January 2019. The session was conducted by Ms Kathryn Wong, a Holistic Health Nutritionist and an accountant by profession. Since 2009, Kathryn has become a strong advocate in holistic health where she graduated with Bachelor’s in Holistic Health Nutrition from the Indian Board of Alternative Medication, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition from the International Therapy Examination Council, United Kingdom and Natural Medicine Competency Course from the Ministry of Education’s Community College, Malaysia.

Kathryn has been involved in sharing keynote pointers, especially on diet and lifestyle changes as part
of long term health management regime to her clients in Malaysia, Singapore and China. A total of
45 participants attended this complimentary session.

Kathryn recommended some supplements to boost an anti-cancer diet such as Vitamin D, Curcumin, Selenium and Vitamin B which not only prevents one from getting cancer but also have been associated with destroying cancer cells in our body. One can also opt to try using natural remedies by adding a dash of garlic, ginger, black pepper, oregano or turmeric in one’s meal intake.

Cansurvive is a non-profit cancer charity organisation that aims to provide guidance and community support for cancer patients as well as their family and friends. It also strives to raise public awareness on the benefits of holistic, non-invasive cancer therapies, nutrition and diet, types of orthodox treatments, and access to such treatments.

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