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CANSURVIVE's Monthly Talk- Laughing & Relaxing Even Though I have Cancer

CANSURVIVE’s Monthly Talk- Laughing & Relaxing Even Though I have Cancer

Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad (CANSURVIVE) organised a talk titled ‘Laughing & Relaxing Even Though I have Cancer’ on 25 May 2019 at the PJ Campus of Brickfields Asia College. The session was conducted by Anne Munro-Kua Ph.D, an experienced speaker, facilitator, author and certified coach with a background in education, sociology and behavioural psychology. Anne has worked with individuals, organisations and communities in the international arena. A total of 15 cancer patients attended this complimentary session. Anne introduced the basic principles of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a self-help calming tool that releases emotional blockages and re-establishes the vital energy flow that enables calmness, relaxation and laughter. She also shared some insights on applying EFT for people living with cancer. The venue was supported by The Make It Right Movement (MIRM). Cansurvive is a non-profit cancer charity organisation that aims to provide guidance and community support for cancer patients as well as their family and friends. It also strives to raise public awareness on the benefits of holistic, non-invasive cancer therapies, nutrition and diet, types of orthodox treatments, and access to such treatments.              
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