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CanSURVIVE's Monthly Talk- Starving Cancer Cells & Internal Body Environment

CanSURVIVE’s Monthly Talk- Starving Cancer Cells & Internal Body Environment

Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad (Cansurvive) organised a talk on Starving Cancer Cells & Internal Body Environment which was supposed to be given by Dr. Andrea who could not make it due to some personal issues. Subsequently, the talk was given by their very own Cansurvive Support Group Team Led, Mr Alex Kumar who voluntarily stepped in to ensure everything took place as planned. The benevolent talk was held on 21 October 2018 at Brickfields Asia College, PJ Campus.

Mr Alex Kumar took the 41 participants on a voyage through illustrations of images of blood vessels and cells in one’s body and how the different types of cells being latent, benign and non-malignant cancer cells are being stimulated, nourished and spread throughout the body via the blood cells. He also further emphasis that it is a general rule that all living beings has cancer cells and non active tumours waiting to be fed. One of the best evasive steps to be taken is by eating right. Some of the food he recommended would be dark chocolate, olive oil, garlic and turmeric.

Cansurvive is a non-profit cancer charity organisation that aims to provide guidance and community support for cancer patients as well as their family and friends. It also creates awareness among the public on the benefits of holistic, non-invasive cancer therapies, nutrition and diet, what is available in terms of orthodox treatments, and where to access them.

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