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Challenges Foundation: Charity Movie Screening of Mission Impossible 6: Fall Out

28th July 2018 – Challenges Foundation

Challenges Foundation organised a charity movie screening of Mission Impossible 6: Fall Out on Saturday, 28 July 2018 at GSC, NU Sentral. The Foundation has raised a total of RM 8,400. This fund will be used to cover its operational costs to provide more exciting workshops to emphasise on the importance of living in an inclusive community.
Make It Right Movement provided support by aiding the cost needed for a cinema hall and movie tickets. In addition, the MIRM also worked together to provide assistance for the publication of the event on social media, designed posters as well as movie tickets for Challenges Foundation.
Challenges Foundation is an NGO that aims to promote awareness on Disability Advocacy and developing inclusive communities. The Foundation is making arrangements to organise an Inclusive Employment Conference 2018 later this year.

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