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Al-Hasan's Volunteer Network: Introduction to the Internet of Things

Al-Hasan’s Volunteer Network (AHVN) together with Pursuka Organisation collaborated to organise a workshop ‘Introduction to the Internet of Things’ to 17 selected refugee students in Malaysia with the objective to provide basic training and skills about the internet and the usage of technology in the
modern world and to expose youths to new skills, in a fun and engaging manner.

This complementary workshop took place on Saturday, 18 August 2018 at KL Campus, Brickfields Asia College.

The workshop was conducted by 2 experienced Trainers from Pursuka Organisation. The programme was broken into two slots; the first being the introductory to the services by Google- Google Docs and Google Drive. The second slot was briefly on the language of Computer Science and Security.

AVHN is a platform dedicated to provide volunteering opportunities through social and charitable projects. They also focus on serving the refugee and underprivileged communities.

Pursuka Organisation was created to start a movement in the name of happiness by exploring capabilities of individual since young such as by providing workshops for kids and focus on soft skills approaches.

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