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Fulbright's English Teaching Assistants –SMK V.O.I.C.E

Fulbright’s English Teaching Assistants –SMK V.O.I.C.E
Date : 28th -31th August 2018

18 members of English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) from the Fulbright’s International Educational Exchange Program sponsored by the U.S. government organised a 4 days 3 nights pioneer Fulbright National Public Speaking conference, SMK VOICE (Vision, Opportunity, Initiative, Creativity, and Exchange).

This conference was carried out with the purpose to empower Malaysian students (mainly those that the ETAs are teaching) to share their stories, ideas, and visions with confidence by bringing forth changes and firmly believed that story-telling and public speaking skills are necessary for the advancement of their goals.

SMK VOICE had successfully gathered 60 students from Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang, Sarawak, Kedah, and Perlis and another 35 students from the Methodist Girls’ School Kuala Lumpur to not only participate in the cultural exchange but also to encourage English speaking, enhance their soft skills, and mutual understanding among them.

Apart from attending talks and workshops conducted by various guest speakers, these students were also given the opportunity to freely express themselves on niche topics that they are interested in.

Make It Right Movement supported by providing guest speakers from various fields, professional photographer/ videographer to capture the candid moments and the conference venue at KL Campus, Brickfields Asia College.

The ETAs are generally recent graduates from American universities who have gone through a rigorous selection process to serve in national secondary schools across Malaysia for a period of 10 months to motivate Malaysian secondary students in their English studies.

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